Numerical Study of Heat Transfer in Fluidized Bed Dryers

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Kontributor:Ni Ketut Caturwati, Hadi Wahyudi
Tanggal Posting:30 Juli 2019
Tahun Dokumen : 2018


In this work, a three-dimensional numerical scheme between a fluidized bed dryer and immersed tube bundles is developed. Two tube configurations: staggered and inline arrangements are compared in terms of its hydrodynamic and heat transfer behaviours. Moreover, the effects of tube pitch distances are also discussed. It is demonstrated that there is no significant difference between inline and staggered configurations in term of heat transfer between tube surface and bed of particles. Furthermore, it is shown that the lower the pitch distance the lower heat transfer coefficient between tube surfaces and bed of particles. The obtained results should be useful to better design of fluidized bed dryer, as one of effective tools in the area of food security applications.

Keywords: Fluidized be dryer, tube banks, pitch tube

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