1st International COnference on Food Security Innovation 2017

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Kontributor:Hadi Wahyudi, Iman Saefuloh, Erni Listijorini, Ipick Setiawan
Tanggal Posting:30 Juli 2019
Tahun Dokumen : 2017


This paper presents the test results of deep-fat vacuum frying as an alternative method to produce low oil content of snake fruit chips . Focus is given to the effects of oil temperature (60, 70, 80, and 90oC) at constant pressure 0.012 MPa on the drying and oil absorption rates. Its comparison to those on atmospheric condition based on thermal-driven concept is also discussed. It is demonstrated that temperature alteration has significant effect on the drying and oil intake rate of snake fruit chips. Both drying and oil absorption rates increase as oil temperature increases. However, the profile trends are different under different oil temperature that might be due to microstructural changes during frying and interplay between condensed water vapour and oil absorption during pressurization process. It is also shown that at low oil temperature, the microstructural change occurs in shorter period for atmospheric frying than that for vacuum frying. As the oil temperature increases, this difference is diminished The results suggest that vacuum frying is a promising method to produce snake fruit chips with low oil content.

Keywords: Deep-fat, vacuum frying, oil temperature, drying rate, oil absorption, snake fruit chips

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