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Kontributor:Edwin Cahya Pratama 2223132705 ; Dr. Nurhaeda Gailea, M.Hum, Rosmania Rima, M.Pd
Tanggal Posting:15 Juli 2020
Tahun Dokumen : 2019

This research entitled "A Semantic Analysis of Sarcasm in Bad Boys 1 Movie".The researcher found many people do not know the meaning of sarcasm word because it was easily misinterpreted. Sarcasm might be used for different purposes, such as criticism and mockery. Therefore recognizing sarcasm word and phrases very useful to know what people really means. The aim of this research is to explain the meaning of words or phrases that included sarcasm word, and classify into three types of meaning such us connotative, social and affective meaning based on Leech‟s meaning theory in his book entitled semantics (1981). The object of this research is the dialogue among the characters in the Bad Boys I movie. The method that use in this research is descriptive analysis method. The source of data in this research is taken from the movie script written by Dosmos. In data colleting technique the researcher used four steps of data collection such as collecting, selecting, interpreting and analyzing. The researcher found twenty seven utterances that contain sarcasm. After that the researcher described the meaning of all the sarcasm words using Leech‟s meaning theory. And then the researcher gives suggestion for the next researcher who wants to conduct the similar research to be more specific on describing sarcasm. 
Keyword: Bad Boys I, sarcasm, semantic analysis

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