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Kontributor:MARTIN CARLOS 2223131488 ; Dr. Nurhaeda Gailea, M.Hum., Rosmania Rima, M.Pd
Tanggal Posting:15 Juli 2020
Tahun Dokumen : 2019

The researcher often find people tend to used slang language in daily life to communicate with other. They use this word without understanding more deeply about it because they just follow the words from TV, movie, magazine, song lyrics, social network, and many more. This research concerns with the descriptive analysis of slang in “Scarface” movie. This research proposes some problems; what slang that used in the movie, how are the word formation of the slang, and the meaning of slang that used in the movie. Hopefully, this research will be useful for students of English Department, especially to help them understand slang language used in “Scarface” movie. The researcher uses a descriptive qualitative method to classify and analyze the utterance. After investigating the utterance in movie script, the researcher found several findings on it. First, there are forty seven slang that used in the movie, such as; ain‟t, shit, and gotta. Second, the result of word formation of slang according to Yule‟s theory, there are: eight borrowing, five blending, four clipping, one multiple process, six compounding and one back formation. The last is describe the literal and figurative meaning of the slang words according to NTC‟s Dictionary of American Slang an Coolloquial. Finally, the researcher gives suggestion for the next research concerning the same topic to describing slang be more specific in the social aspect.

Keywords : Descriptive analysis , Scarface movie, Slang

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