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Tanggal Posting:24 April 2020
Tahun Dokumen : 2019

Mrs. Ledy Nurlely, M.Pd, dan Mr. Sutrisno Sadji Evenddy, M.Pd, selaku pembimbing


The research methodology employed in this research was a classroom action research (CAR) which consisted of four main steps; planning, action, observation, and reflection. This research was conducted in two cycles at the seventh grade students of SMP Negeri 2 Curug in 2018/2019 academic years of class VII-6 which consisted of 35 students; 14 males and 21 females. In this research, there were only 33 samples. Because, there were two students who did not attend the class during the pre-test, post-test 1, and post-test 2. In data collection technique, the researcher used qualitative and quantitative data. The qualitative data were obtained through observation and documentation, while for the quantitative data was obtained through tests. The researcher conducted a pretest before implementing the cycle and did a post-test after the end of each cycle to find out the improvement of students’ writing ability in descriptive text. The improvement of students’ writing ability showed from the result of students’ tests. The result of the students’ mean score in pre-test was 56.91. Meanwhile, Kriteria Ketuntasan Minimum (KKM) in SMP Negeri 2 Curug on English subject was seventy (70). However, the students’ mean scores in cycle 1 and cycle 2 were 67.36 and 81.79. It means there were improvements from the students’ mean score from pre-test until post-test 2. From these results, it can be concluded that guided questions technique can improve student’s writing ability in descriptive text.

Keyword: Writing, Descriptive Text, Guided Questions Technique.

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