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Tanggal Posting:31 Juli 2019
Tahun Dokumen : 2018

This research aimed to develop a local content-based audio media for teaching listening in English subject. The objectives of this research were first, to find out the students’ learning needs of tenth grade students especially in listening. Second, to find out the process of developing local content-based audio media. Third, to find out the appropriateness of local content-based audio media for teaching listening. Fourty tenth grade students of SMAN 1 Kota Serang were chosen as the subject of this study. Research and Development design proposed by Borg and Gall (1983:775) was adapted in this study through the employement of seven steps in R&D cycle. The steps were first, research and information collecting; Second, planning; Third, develop preliminary product; Fourth, preliminary field testing; Fifth, main product revision; Sixth, main field testing; Seventh, operational product revision. The instruments used in this research were first, qualitative data which were analyzed qualitatively; semistructured interview, open-ended questionnaire. Second, quantitative data which were analyzed quantitatively; experts judgement form, students assessment form. Accordingly, this research revealed that first, the students needed audio local contentbased audio media in listening. Second, the process of developing the audio media was run well. Third, the developed media was appropriate for teaching listening based on the main field test which the media considered as “valid” from the result of experts judgement and students assessment form. By all means, the alternative learning media in the classroom had to be suitable with the students learning needs under the 2013 Curriculum 2017 Revision.

Keywords: Narrative text, Local Content – based Audio Media, Teaching Listening, 2013 Curriculum 2017 Revision.

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Pembimbing:  Dr. Siti Hikmah, M.Pd & Mrs. Dina Rachmawati, M.Pd 

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