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Kontributor:Ratu Gilang Gianina 2223131017
Tanggal Posting:06 Maret 2019
Tahun Dokumen : 2018

Pembimbing: Jumbuh Prabowo, M.Pd. dan Yusti Firgiawati, M. Pd 

The background of the study in this research is based on the phenomena that students have difficulties in writing descriptive text, students could not describe thing, place and person detail because the students do not have any ideas when they are asked to describe thing, place and person. So they need some way, methods or aids which could help them in writing descriptive text. Game is one of many ways that can be used in teaching writing descriptive text. By using game, the students are able to write the composition of the object easily and enjoyable to learn writing. In this case, the teacher will use wholesome scattering game. Its purposes are firstly to know the improvement of students ability in writing descriptive text. The second is to find out how the use of wholesome scattering game contributes to students writing descriptive text. Improving students ability in writing descriptive text through wholesome scattering game is a classroom action research which is aimed at improving students writing in descriptive text that covers parts, qualities, and characteristics of the object. In this research, the researcher took a test of their improvement in two cycles. In the first cycle found the mean of the score of students writing was 58, 53 with the total score 1756. In the second cycle found the mean of the score of the students writing was 76, 06 with the total score 2282. The result of the research shows that the students improve their ability in writing descriptive text using wholesome scattering game. Finally the advantages of using this game are that the students could arrange the words and develop their paragraph in describing object easily and accurately.

Keyword: Wholesome Scattering Game, Descriptive Text, Writing Ability


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