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Tanggal Posting:21 Agustus 2018
Tahun Dokumen : 2017

Dr. Yudi Juniardi, M.Pd dan Dhafid Wahyu Utomo, M.A selaku pembimbing

This research is aimed to analyzed the used of figurative language and the message conveyed in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie (2009). The researcher analyzed kind of figurative language that used in the movie. The researcher analyzed the meaning of figurative language in the movie. The researcher analyzed the message which tried to conveyed from the author of the movie. In this research, the researcher applied descriptive qualitative research. Besides, library research technique will also be applied to this research. Based on George (2008:1), “library research is not a mystery or a lucky dodge, but an investigation you control from start to finish, even though you cannot usually tell what sources you will discover”. On other side, library research is a form of structured inquiry with specific tools, rules, and techniques. In this research, the primary data was taken from all the words, the phrases, and the sentences on the dialogue of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince movie (2009) which contain figurative language. Besides, the researcher used the movie and the script of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince movie (2009) and some references which can support this research as secondary data. Many theories are used to support in this research. The main theory about figurative language is Perrines theory. The researcher also used some theories from others expert, such as: Meyer Abrams, Juliana Tirajoh Frederick, Mark O James, and etc. After analyzing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie (2009), the researcher got 38 (thirty-eight) figurative language in the dialogue of the movie. In this research, the researcher found eight kinds of figurative language. In comparative, there are metaphor, personification, and metonymy. In imagery, there is symbol. In contradictory, there are paradox, hyperbole, litotes, and irony. 

Keyword: Movie, Figurative Language, Message. 



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