The Implementation of Communicative Learning in Teaching Speaking at Pre School in EvFiA LAND School Serang This is Submitted as a Part Fulfillment of Requirements for S1 Degree of Education in English Department

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Tanggal Posting:06 Februari 2017
Tahun Dokumen : 2016

The aim of this research is to explain the implementation of communicative learning in teaching speaking. This research was conducted in EvFiA LAND School Serang at Kiddy 2 Level on the first semester of academic year 2015/2016. The researcher conducted this research by applying qualitative approach with descriptive analysis as a method. The subject of this research was Kiddy 2 level (3-4 years old) green and orange class of EvFiA LAND School Serang. In this research, there were 24 students which became the sample. The instruments of this research were observation, interview, and documentation. Based on the result and discussion of this research, the researcher found that EvFiA LAND School uses inquiry learning as the curriculum especially in teaching speaking as the method. The implementation of communicative learning in teaching speaking were following class routines such as greeting, praying together, following classroom discussion, and so on. The implementation of communicative learning in teaching speaking by using “Classroom Connections, Strategies for Integrated Learning” book by Kath Murdoch was effective for Kiddy 2 students to make good progress in speaking ability. Based on the data interview of the teacher, she said many students increased their speaking ability in following school routines. It depended on students’ skills in understanding the materials which made it worked for all students. Some students were very quiet. Teachers were giving encouragements to solve this problem.

Keywords: Speaking, Communicative Learning, Strategies in Teaching Speaking, Students’ Teaching Learning Process

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