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Kontributor:II IMADUDIN
Tanggal Posting:05 Januari 2017
Tahun Dokumen : 2016

The objective of this research is to improve students’ speaking ability using Think Pair Share of cooperative learning for the 8th grade students of SMPN 6 Kota Serang. This was action research by using classroom action research with two cycle procedure. Each cycle consists of planning, acting, observing and reflecting. This research involved 38 students of class VIII B of SMPN 6 Kota Serang in the academic year of 2015/2016. The data of the study were in the forms of qualitative and quantitative data. The qualitative data were obtained by observing the teaching and learning process and interviewing the students of class VIII B and the English teacher. Meanwhile, the quantitative data were acquired conducting through the pretest, and the post-test at the end of each cycle. The results of this research show that the use of the Think-Pair-Share technique was able to improve the students’ speaking ability. Based on the qualitative data, applying Think-Pair-Share technique gave the students more chances to speak in English. The students became more confident to speak up English. They actively participated during the teaching and learning process. The use of classroom English helped the students to be more familiar with English. The vocabulary practice and pronunciation drill also helped them to enrich their vocabulary knowledge and build their accuracy. These findings were also supported by the result of the students’ speaking scores. The mean improved from 65.68 in Cycle I to 75.79 in Cycle II. It indicated that they made a considerable improvement in some aspect of speaking skills such as pronunciation, intonation and stress, comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary.
Keywords: Think-Pair-Share, cooperative learning, speaking ability

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