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Tanggal Posting:16 Desember 2016
Tahun Dokumen : 2016

The objective of this research was to improve the students’ english grammar skill at second grade in 14 Senior High School Bekasi by using communicative approach. The problems were formulated into two points: the responses of students in learning passive voice by using communicative approach and the influence of communicative approach in teaching passive voice. The writer conducted a qualitative research. The subject of the study were an english teacher and the students at second grade in 14 Senior High School Bekasi. The data were collected by using observation, interview, questionnaire, and documentation. Based on the finding, the result of data analysis showed that there was an increase of students’ grammar skill after being taught by using communicative approach. It could be known from the students which understand enough about the passive voice material. So, in teaching grammar, the teacher should use appropriate approach for helping their teaching process. The writer believes that using communicative approach in teaching grammar is a good choice for the teacher. It is very simple to apply and can encourage students’ motivation in learning English. Moreover, it can also help students to improve their competence in using passive voice for real life.

Key words: Passive voice, communicative approach.

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