An Error Analysis of Studentsí Writing in Composing a Recount Text at Eighth Grade of SMPN 16 Kota Serang

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Kontributor:Ade Irawan
Tanggal Posting:09 November 2016
Tahun Dokumen : 2016

The objectives of this research were aimed to find the errors and explain why those errors occurred in students‟ writing at eighth grade of SMPN 16 Kota Serang. To achieve the objectives, the researcher conducted qualitative case study research with content analysis as a method in analyzing students‟ error in writing. This content analysis took twenty five students‟ writing sample as corpus of the data. Then, researcher used questionnaire and interview as the instruments in confirming the result of the analysis. The data was analyzed through reducing, displaying, and drawing conclusion. The result of the analysis showed that omission and misformation were the types of error that frequently occurred in students‟ recount text writing. Both of type covered 89 or 30,79% of total errors. Then, the frequent source of error was in communication strategy. It took 78 or 33,19% of total errors. Based on the interview, it showed that students‟ main source of error also came from students‟ motivation. From these findings, it can be concluded that omission and misformation error were the most frequent error occurrences in students‟ writing with students‟ motivation and communication strategy as its error sources.   


Keywords: Error, Writing, Surface Strategy Taxonomy, Error Analysis, Recount Text, Sources of Error

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