Improving Studentsí Narrative Writing Ability through Watching Video at The Tenth Grade of SMAN 62 Jakarta

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Kontributor:ANNA DEBORA
Tanggal Posting:20 Oktober 2016
Tahun Dokumen : 2016

This research was aimed at describing the process of improving students’ narrative writing ability through watching video and knowing the improvement of students’ narrative writing ability after being taught by using video at the tenth grade of SMAN 62 Jakarta. The subject of this research is 36 students in the class X IIS 1 of SMAN 62 Jakarta. The method used in this research was classroom action research (CAR). It was conducted in two cycles. The data of this research were attained by analyzing observation sheet, pre-test, post-test, and documentation. The finding of this research showed that there was improvement on students’ narrative writing ability. The average score of students’ pre-test is 54.6, the average score of students’ post-test 1 is 69.1, and the average score of students’ post-test 2 is 77.8. In addition, there are 10 students (17.4%) passed the minimum criteria (KKM) in pre-test. As the result progress, in post-test 1, there are thirteen students (43.8%) passed, and in post-test 2, there are 20 students (62.5%) passed the minimum criteria. It means, the criterion of success was achieved. Moreover, the result of observation sheet showed there was improvement of students’ positive responses in writing narrative text through watching video. In summary, the students’ narrative writing ability has improved through watching video.  

Keyword: narrative, writing, video, classroom action research (CAR)

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