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Kontributor:Muhammad Dwi Maulana
Tanggal Posting:13 Oktober 2016
Tahun Dokumen : 2016

The aim of this research is to improve students’ present continuous tense mastery through picture in the fifth grade of SD Mawar Saron. There were many reason, the researcher did the research such of the students’ less concentration, less participation, and weak in comprehending the material, besides most of the teacher used only lecturer method. With this method student’s looked passive and were not creative. So, the researcher applied picture to improve student’s present continuous tense mastery in the fifth grade at SD Mawar Saron. Because one of the benefit of picture is students’ could comprehend what they want to said and control the mind. Therefore students’ were finally easy to learn English and got successfully their learning. The researcher used classroom action research (CAR) about present continuous mastery through picture. The researcher used Kemmis & Mac Taggart model “Spiral” which consists of 4 steps are: Planning, acting, observing and reflecting. The subject is students’ of fifth grade at SD Mawar Saron consists of 20 students’. In collecting the data the researcher used instrument which are tests and observation guide. In each cycle, the writer gives tests to know the improvement of students’ present continuous tense and for the result are compare it between precycle, cycle I and cycle II. The observation conducts explore the process of tense Present Continuous through picture. The result of the research based on the hypothesis and the data, it can be seen from the average score of the students posttest. The average of the pre cycle test was 62.50. It got improve in cycle I 72.00, the increase was about 9.5 points. The second cycle was 84.50  up to 12.5 points.
Keywords: present continuous tense, elementary students, Picture, CAR

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