Comparative Study between Urban and Rural Studentsí Motivation in Learning English Language at Eighth Grade of SMPN 21 Serang in the Academic Year of 2015/2016

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Tanggal Posting:13 Oktober 2016
Tahun Dokumen : 2016

The objective of this study is aim to know whether there is significant difference or not between urban and rural students’ motivation in learning English languaget. This study was undertaken in SMPN 21 Kota Serang. The population of this research is the second grade students which consist of 155 students. Meanwhile, the samples of this research are 4 students of A class, 10 students of B class, 9 students of C class and 7 students of D class for Rural Sample, and 9 students of A class, 7 students of B class, 8 students of C class and 6 students of D class for Urban Sample. The researcher collected the data by conducting two questionnaires. First questionnaire issampling selection to get the sample data and second questionnaire is motivational conduct to collect the main data of comparative study. In this research, the researcher applied Bivariate technique of Chi Square X2as formulation to compare two variables. The result of this research shows that there is no significant difference between rural and urban students’ motivation in learning English language. It is proved by the result of 13 question’s Xarithmatic are under Xtable..The result hypothesis test is 4.67 < 11.07. In other word, X2aritmathic is smaller than X2table. It is proved that the null hypothesis is accepted and the alternative hypothesis is rejected. In addition,there is no significant motivation in learning English between urban and rural students.
Keywords: Motivation in Learning English, Urban Students, Rural Students, Bivariate Tecnique

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