Error Analysis on the Use of Plural Noun in Descriptive Writing at Seventh Grade Studentsí of SMPN 7 Kota Serang

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Kontributor:Siti Dwi Rukmana Annur
Tanggal Posting:25 Agustus 2016
Tahun Dokumen : 2016

This research was conducted to analyze and find out the students’ error in using plural noun in writing descriptive text and to know the types, frequencies, and causes of students’ errors. This research was qualitative research with descriptive analysis to analyze what the researcher found from this research. Therefore, the researcher used writing test and interview as the instruments. The result showed that most of the students did the errors when they wrote plural noun, especially in regular plural noun. Regular plural noun as the most difficult for the students because they did not add the letter s when there were plural and some of the students did errors in irregular plural noun, because it had different from singular to plural. Most of the students’ error can be called as omission error with the total frequency of errors is 140 or 59.8% because the students omit the letter s that must be written in regular plural from of their descriptive text. The reasons why most of the students did errors are caused by interlingual and intralingual error. The highest cause of students errors is caused by intralingual error with the total frequency of errors is 224 from the total of error is 234, it was because the students lack of knowledge about grammatical competence.


Keyword:error, error analysis, and plural noun.

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