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Kontributor:Amanda Putri Renardi
Tanggal Posting:19 Agustus 2016
Tahun Dokumen : 2016

English movie is one of the media to make students easier to absorb the vocabulary well. The effects of using English movies in teaching vocabulary research aims to find out whether teaching vocabulary have significant effects in the learning test and attracting students attention. The sample of the study was tenth grade students in SMKN 2 Kota Serang. Students were divided into two groups, one control and the other experimental group. It was conducted for 67 students. The control group was taught by using lecturing and discussion where student are provided with definitions of words, examples, and if available pictures while the experimental group was taught by using English movies entitled “Big Hero 6”. The findings of the study showed in the learning test significant differences between the two groups and the interaction in the classroom was much better in the experimental group and students attention was higher than students attention in the control group. The result of students responses on watching English movie as a teaching strategy has significant effects. The researcher constructed 20 items of vocabulary test to measure their vocabulary as both in the pre-test and post-test. After collecting data, it can be seen that the score post-test in experimental class is 89.0. It can be seen that the difference increase and compared to the initial score from pre-test which is 66.8. From the result, the researcher says that there is a real increase in the use of English movie entitled “Big Hero 6” in teaching vocabulary. So, the alternative hypothesis is accepted and null hypothesis is rejected.

Keywords: English vocabulary, Media, English Movies

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