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Kontributor:Anggit Laesa Oktaviani
Tanggal Posting:09 Agustus 2016
Tahun Dokumen : 2016

The objectives of this research are to analyze the process of debate as technique in improving students’ speaking skill and to find out the result of the students’ improvement after the implementation of debate technique at 11 IPA 3 of SMAN 19 Kabupaten Tangerang. The researcher used CAR (Classroom Action Research) in the research method and research design. There were 36 students as participants in this research. Observation, documentation, and test were employed as data collecting technique through quantitative and qualitative data analyses. This research found that debate technique could be implemented well in the teaching learning process. It was shown from the result of students’ speaking skill, the students’ self-confidence, and the interaction that improved when debate was implemented in two cycles. In the pre-test, the score from rater I and rater II were only 62 and 63, that improved into 68,67 based on rater I and 68,89 based on rater II in the post test I. Finally the students could pass the minimum standard score (KKM) in the post test II. The score was 76,89 based on rater I and 77,11 based on rater II. Accordingly, it could be concluded that debate technique is very helpful to build students’ speaking skill. Realizing that debate technique was good, effective, and appropriate technique to improve students’ speaking skill, it is suggested that the teacher should implement the debate technique properly and encourage the students to speak, especially in EFL context.   


Keywords: Teaching Speaking, Debate Technique, Classroom Action Research, EFL, Speaking Skills.

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