The Influence of Using Dialogue Journal On Students’Writing Ability On Recount Text as The Tenth Grade SMAN 25 Kab. Tangerang

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Tanggal Posting:28 Juli 2016
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This research is aimed at knowing whether or not there is any influence of using dialogue journal on students’ writing ability in recount text. The method of this research is quasi experimental research in two-group pretest-posttest design The population of this research is the whole tenth grade of SMA 25 Kab. Tangerang consisting of 304 students and by using cluster random technique, class X5 – X6 were chosen as the sample. There are two of pretest and posttest is used to collect the data, and the test given is writing recount text. One class was chosen as an experimental group and another class as a control group. Moreover, the researcher used content validity to find out the validity of the tests and Cohen’s Kappa Coefficient to test the inter-rater reliability. After collecting the data, the researcher analyzed them by using t-test. In analyzing the data, the researcher used SPSS v.16. The researcher got the result from the sig. (2-tailed) was 0.003 while the alpha level was 0.05. It showed that sig. (2-tailed) was not higher than the alpha level (0.003 < 0.05). Therefore, the null hypothesis is refused and the alternative hypothesis is received. It means that there was a positive influence between the group treated with dialogue journal technique and the group with discussion. Based on the result of this research, it can be concluded that dialogue journal technique can influence students’ writing ability.


Key words: students’ writing ability recount text, dialogue journal

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