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Kontributor:Hindun Yeti Vida
Tanggal Posting:13 Juni 2016
Tahun Dokumen : 2016

The objectives of this research were to find out the process and the result of teaching students; reading comprehension through task based learning at the second grade of MTs Al-Bustaniyah kota Cilegon. There were some reasons, the researcher did the research, such as the students could not understand the reading of text, and also they had problems in vocabulary and strategy in reading. Therefore the researcher used task based learning technique to improve benefits of the technique is to build self confidence in learning process with their friend and became active when their minds were focused in the task. The researcher used qualitative research by using Classroom Action Research (CAR) about descriptive text through task based learning to find out whether it can improve students’ reading comprehension or not and the process of this research and applies the used Kemmis and Taggart model which consisted of 4 steps are: Planning, acting, observation and reflection. It was conducted on one cycle. The subject was students of second grade at MTs AlBustaniyah kota Cilegon which consisted of 27 students. In collecting the data the researcher used instrument which are observation, documentation and tests. This research shows that the implementation of TBL in teaching learning process was quite successful, despite some limitations of this study. The data gained from students’ reading test show that TBL can help students improve their reading quality. The mean of the students’ reading score in pretest was 66.29 and in the posttest was getting higher it was 75.55. In addition, most of the students respond positively towards the use of TBL during the teaching learning process.  In conclusion, The data from observation show that the students actively accomplished their tasks. TBL can help the students work cooperatively in group and motivate their learning process and the students enjoyed, were interested and motivated to learn reading through TBL.


Keyword: Reading descriptive, TBL, CAR

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