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Kontributor:RATIH REMADANI ASTUTI 2223100262
Tanggal Posting:26 Oktober 2018
Tahun Dokumen : 2015

 Ledy Nurleli M.Pd., and Wieka Barathayomi, M.Hum, advisor 


The objective of this research is to know the influence of Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR) toward students reading comprehension and the students responses toward CSR. The research methodology that was used in this research was quantitative method by implementing quasi experimental research. The instruments used were tests (pre-test and post-test) and questionnaire. The result of the research showed there was a positive influence of using Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR). It was proved by the result of students post-test score which showed better achievement than before receiving the treatment. Further, the result of ttest is 4.363 and it is higher than ttable 2.002. It means that the alternative hypothesis (Ha) is accepted, while the null hypothesis (Ho) is rejected. In addition, the result of questionnaire revealed more than half of the students agreed that CSR could give positive influence on their reading comprehension. Based on those data, the researcher concluded that Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR) could give positive influence toward their reading comprehension and got positive responses from the students.

Keywords: Influence, Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR), Reading Comprehension



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