Improving Studentsí Narrative Writing Skill through Mind Mapping Technique At Eighth Grade of SMPN 5 Cilegon

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Kontributor:Agil Elok Puspita (2223102083)
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Tahun Dokumen : 2015

Pembimbing: Rita Handayani, M. Pd dan Jumbuh Prabowo, M. Pd 


The objective of the research was to find out the process of improving students’ narrative writing skill through mind mapping technique at Eighth Grade of SMPN 5 Cilegon. This research used classroom action research (CAR) method, which is consisted in two cycles. This research was conducted in academic year 2013/2014 from Oct 15th until 31th 2014 and involved 30 students of the eighth grade students. In this research, the researcher did the pre-test, cycle 1 and cycle 2 which consisted of two meetings in each cycle. The first cycle was the implementation of mind mapping technique in learning writing about the narrative essay, and the next cycle was the revision of the previous cycle. The researcher used observation, test, and documentation as the instrument. In this research, the researcher became a participant observer and cooperated with the English teacher to observe the process of teaching narrative writing by using mind mapping technique. Finally, it can be concluded that the using of mind mapping technique in teaching narrative writing was able to improve students’ writing skill at the eighth grade of SMP Negeri 5 Kota Cilegon. It showed from the result of the pre-test 58.2 and the researcher got the generic structure of narrative text score which is 83.3% for orientation, 90% for resolution and 20% for re-orientation. Also the result of post-test 1 was 75.3 and 86.7% for orientation, 63.3% for re-orientation. It showed improvement to the post-test 2 was 84 and 80% for re-orientation. Thus, the using of mind mapping technique during this classroom action research had improved students’ narrative writing achievement about 25.8. It proved that the students were enthusiastic and motivated to learn narrative writing by using this technique. The students should be creative in exploring their creativity by using this technique.


Key words: Narrative, mind mapping technique, writing skill.

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