The Iinfluence of Numbered Head Together (NHT) toward Studentsí Reading Comprehension atthe Eighth Grade of SMPN 1 Waringinkurung

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Kontributor:Diart Mulya Gustini
Tanggal Posting:11 Oktober 2016
Tahun Dokumen : 2015

The aims of this research was to determine the influence of numbered head together toward students’ reading comprehension at eight grade of SMPN 1 waringinkurung the academic year 2015/2016. This research was quantitative research true experimental design. The research population was 208 students of the eight grade students at SMPN 1 Waringinkurung , each class consists of 29 students. Researcher took two classes as a sample consists of class F as a experimental class that used numbered head together, and class E as a control class that used conventional learning. Data collection technique in this research is a test consists of pretest and posttest. The hypothesis test was used independent T-test. The results of this researchthere was any influence of Numbered Head Together (NHT) toward Students’ Reading Comprehension atthe Eighth Grade of SMPN 1Waringinkurung. This proven Tcount > Ttable (2.228 > 1.67) with significance level of 0.05.  

keyword: cooperative learning, numbered head together technique, reading comprehension

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