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Kontributor:Dini Noviani
Tanggal Posting:22 Maret 2016
Tahun Dokumen : 2015

This research is conducted to know the influence of jigsaw technique toward students‘ reading comprehension on descriptive text. The place of the research is at MTsN Model Padarincang. To achieve the objectives of the research, the researcher conducted quasi experimental research. The population of this research is all students of eight grade of MTsN Model Padarincang in academic year 2014-1015. The number of entire students is 354.This research is used simple random sampling as technique sampling and took 50 students as sample. The sample was divided in two groups; experimental class and control class. The experimental class was taught by using jigsaw as technique, whereas the control class was taught by using conventional method. In analyzing the data, the researcher used a quantitative measurement to find the result. To get the data, the researcher used instruments in the form of multiple choice where each instrument was 6 tried out to check its validity and reliability. After collecting the data, the researcher analyzed it by using product moment formula; however, to ease the calculation the researcher used SPSS version 20 for windows. The analysis of the data showed that there was a significant influence of jigsaw technique toward students‘ reading comprehension on descriptive texts. It is proved by the result of Furthermore, the research found that the ttabl for 50 respondents is 5,50 and tvalue is 0.67964. It means that the treatment on the form of using jigsaw technique can significantly influence students‘ reading comprehension.It is also strengthening from the mean score of post-test, that was in control group 78.6 and average of post-test in experimental class in 92.2..Based on the finding, it issuggested that jigsaw technique can be used by the teachers to influence students especially in improving students‘ reading comprehension on descriptive text.


Key words: Jigsaw Technique, reading comprehension,

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