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Tanggal Posting:29 Januari 2016
Tahun Dokumen : 2015

The aim of this research was to know the process of poetry recitation in order to improve students‟ pronunciation skill. The subject was class VIII A of SMPN 1 Kota Serang which has 36 students because according to the English teacher, students of this class were lack of pronunciation skill. In this classroom action research, researcher conducted 2 cycles which had four steps, such as planning, acting, observing and acting. Researcher and students applied poetry recitation in main activity. Students were divided into some groups which each groups consisted 3-5 students to discuss how to pronounce the words in poetry. After that, students tried to read poetry loudly in front of the class. The data was collected through observation, interview, and test. Based on the result of interview and observation in cycle 1, some students who were not active. They looked ashamed and felt confused. But in cycle 2, the students were more enthusiastic to learn and have good pronounciation in the reading poetry. Their pronunciation were much better than before. The data analysis were qualitative by data reduction, data display, and conclusion which are based on Miles and Huberman‟s model, and also quantitative measurement to find the mean. Based on the result of test, it can be seen that there was improvement. The students‟ achievement in post-test was higher than pre-test. The score of pre-test was 68.75 and the score of post-test in cycle 2 was 95.71. There was improvement from the standard minimum score 80.  It can be concluded that the implementation of poetry recitation in teaching pronunciation had been proven as an effective technique to improve students‟ pronunciation skill. It also built students‟ self confidence, self motivation, and attracting their interest in learning English.


Keywords: pronunciation, poetry, recitation, teaching pronunciation

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