The Influenceof Picturesto Improve Studentsí Writing Skill of Descriptive Text at Eight Grade Students of MTs Al-Kairiyah Kepandean Ciruas

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Kontributor:Loli Novita
Tanggal Posting:17 Desember 2015
Tahun Dokumen : 2015

The objectives of this research were to find out the influence of picture to improve students‟ writing skill of descriptive text at eight grades of MTs AlKhairiyahKepandeanCiruas. This research was an experimental research with pretest, and post-test, as instruments of the research. The two of four classes were taken as the research sample by using cluster sampling. The class was chosen as the experimental class that was treated by using pictures in teaching learning process and the control class was the class that did not used pictures. The result of this research revealed that pictureswere influenced to improve students‟ writing skill, especially in descriptive text. It was indicated by the result of means‟ score of students post-test in experimental class (72) was higher than in control class (59.34). On the other hand, ttest was used to know the influence of pictures toward students‟ writing skill of descriptive text. From the result of t-test calculation in post-test, it was obtained that t-test was higher than t-table (6.006>1.990). It was identified that experimental and control group has significant differences in writing ability after the treatment. In conclusion,picture was influenced to improve students‟ writing skill of descriptive text.


Keywords: Pictures, descriptive text, writing skill.

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