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Kontributor:IIN SOFIATIN
Tanggal Posting:30 September 2015
Tahun Dokumen : 2015

The objectives of this research were to find out the process of using mind mapping strategy and to know the improvement of students’ vocabulary mastery after using mind mapping strategy. The subject of the research was the eighth grade of students of SMP 01 Menes and the researcher chose A class which consist of 35 students. The researcher used qualitative research implementing the Classroom Action Research as research method. The aim of qualitative research is to find out the information about the improving of students’ vocabulary mastery through mind mapping strategy. As the result, the pre-test had been done and got the average score, it was 52.57. After the treatment in the cycle 1 the students got the first post-test with the average score 64.42. Then in the cycle 2 of the second post-test the students got the average 78.57. Based on the test result, it could be concluded that the improvement of pre-test to post-test was 11.85 %, while from post-test 1 to post-test 2 was 14.15 %. The activity was observed intensively as a way to find out how the mind mapping strategy influenced their ability of improving vocabulary. The researcher found that using mind mapping strategy was very effective. There were some benefits of using mind mapping strategy: 1) Mind mapping is the way to make a creative, effective note, because by using color combination, pictures, and curved branches, mind mapping is more visually stimulated the students’ thinking, 2) mind maps would optimize the students’ brain’s ability to create, to learn, and to remember many of words to build a good vocabulary. The result is there was improvement of mind mapping strategy toward students’ vocabulary mastery at the eighth grade of SMPN 01 Menes.


Keyword: Vocabulary, Mind Mapping, Classroom Action Research

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