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Tanggal Posting:14 Maret 2019
Tahun Dokumen : 2014

Prof. Dr. Ilzamudin Ma‟mur. M.A, and Rahman Hakim, S.Pd, as the first advisor and the second advisor 

Speaking is very important for Indonesian learners, especially in English language skill. It‟s used to communicate with other as social interaction while verbal or nonverbal. In other word, it is defined as an ability to express articulation voices or words, and to extend ideas and emotion. Speaking is the important skill which has been mastered by the students. Motivation was most factors involved their success or failure in learning process. Role play was good technique which could improve the students‟ ability and motivation in learning. The present study entitled “Improving The Students‟ Speaking Skill Through Role Play at Second Grade of SMA Darul Ishlah Jayanti‟‟ is aimed to find out the students‟ improvement of learning speaking English by using role play. The researcher have been using A Classroom Action Research design with pre-test and post-test in conducting the research. Therefore, one class which consists 28 students of second grade, were selected to be sample of this research. The researcher used the test, observation, and documentation as the instrument. The treatment was given in three sessions and oral speaking test was used as the research instrument on pre and post-test. Then, the scores of both groups were analyzed by using five aspects in general speaking skill. The score of pre-test is 57.53 %. After treatment, the score of post test 1 is 65.67 %. The score of post-test 2 is 77.5 %. The findings indicated that the use of role play was effective in developing students‟ speaking ability. This study also revealed that role play could stimulate students‟ motivation to speak in the class, improve students‟ vocabularies, improve students‟ fluency, build students‟ confidence, and faster students to understand the material easily. Therefore, the uses of role play are recommended in teaching speaking English.
Keywords: Speaking, Role Play, Picture, Second Grade Students


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