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Kontributor:Dewi Fatimah 2223100128
Tanggal Posting:26 November 2018
Tahun Dokumen : 2014

 Mrs. Siti Aisah M.Hum and Mr. Ezis Japar Sidik M.A. as advisors 


The background of the study in this research is based on the students problem in reading an English text. This research conducted to find out whether there is the influence of Jigsaw technique toward students reading comprehension in narrative text at SMAN 11 Kabupaten Tangerang or not. In this research, the researcher used quasi experimental research. The population of the research was the eleventh grade at SMAN 11 Kabupaten Tangerang in academic years 2013/2014. The researcher was taken two classes of the population as the sample. Namely, XI IPA 4 as experimental group and XI IPA 5 as control group. The experimental group was taught by using Jigsaw technique and the control group was taught by using traditional technique. As instrument of the test, pre-test and post-test were given to both of groups. After getting enough data, the researcher findings showed that there was influence between pre-test and post-test result based on the computation, the mean score of pretest of control group were 55.00 and pretest experimental group were 68.12. After giving the treatment, the improvement could be seen for experimental group which had mean score of post-test was 80,94. Meanwhile, the mean score of post-test in the control group was 68,12. Finally, the result of analyzing the post test both of experimental and control group showed that tcount more than ttable (1731 ≥ 2,042). So, it can be concluded. If, Ho (null hypothesis) was refused and there was an influence of using Jigsaw technique towards students reading comprehension in narrative text at the eleventh grade of SMAN 11 Kabupaten Tangerang.

Key word: Reading Comprehension, narrative text, jigsaw technique.



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