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Tanggal Posting:11 Juli 2017
Tahun Dokumen : 2013

The Objectives of the research were to describe were to describe the process of teaching reading comprehension by using SQ3R method and to find out the improvement of teaching readincomprehension by using SQ3R method ateight grade of MTs NurulFallah-Tangerang. The researcher used qualitative research by using Classroom Action Research (CAR). It consisted of 4 steps: planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. It was conducted on two cycles. The subjects of the research were 40 students at MTs NurulFallah-Tangerang. In collecting data, researcher used instrument those are observation, documentation and tests. This research shows that implementation of reading comprehension by using SQ3R in teaching learning process was quite successful. The data gained from students reading tests show that the score of reading by using SQ3R method can helps students to improve their reading quality. The mean of students reading scores in cycle I was 71.25 and in the cycle II it was 82.62. in addition, most of the students respond positively towards the use of reading by SQ3R during the teaching learning process. The data from observation shows that the students actively accomplished their tasks. Reading by SQ3R can help students reading individually and motivate their learning processand the students were enjoyed, interestedand motivated to learn reading comprehension by using SQ3R method.

Keywords :Media, SQ3R, teaching English.

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