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Kontributor:Rohmawati Aisyah
Tanggal Posting:18 November 2015
Tahun Dokumen : 2013

In the internationsl relationship, English speaking ability was very important to be able to practice in the wider world of work. But in fact, Senior High School graduates are still far from good achievement competence of English. The researcher entitle “Improving Students Speaking Ability Through Role Play at Eleventh grade  students of SMK Intelligencia Serang” was present about students speaking ability problem and the used of role play technique by the teacher improve students speaking ability as well as it can. The objective of this research was found out the presentation and the results of teaching speaking through role play technique. And also to look for the students motivation in speaking through role play at students of eleventh grade of SMK Intelligencia Serang. The methodology of this research was used Classroom Action Research method. The participants are 22 students of Pharmacy class grade eleven  SMK Intelligencia Serang. The instrument of this research was human (the researcher)indeed act as the instrument itself that used the speaking test, observation, documentation, and interview. The result of the research showed, there was improvement of  teaching speaking through Role Play at Eleventh grade Students of SMK Intelligencia Serang (increasing about 18.18%). From that evidence, the researcher concluded that there was good effect of teaching speaking through Role Play technique. As suggestion, the researcher hoped that the teachers have to be able to creative and make the learning process more fun to interest the students in learning speaking English. As suggestion, the researcher hoped that the teachers have to be creative and make the learning process more fun and also the teacher can involve the students enjoy learning speaking in English such as a daily life.


Key words: Speaking, Role Play, Communicative Language Teaching, Communicative Competence.

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